Paying Hot WEL CAPITAL - Stable income long-term project

Wel Capital is a project established in the Caribbean with a collection of experts from Europe (England, France, Germany, ..) in the field of financial transactions. I was impressed at Wel Capital because they advertised not too loudly and a few pilot projects a week before being launched.

Wel Capital basic information

Origin: Caribbean 
Running date: June 15 , 2019 
Field: Forex trading 
Interest: Fixed 2% / day (Optional package). 
Interest payment: All days, including Saturday and Sunday . 
Interest payment time: 5:00 am Vietnam time 
Minimum investment: $ 100 
Minimum withdrawal: $ 3 
Charging port: USD ( PM ) and Coin (BTC, ETH) 
Draw port: PM ( 3 $ ) and ETH (0.01 ETH) 
Payback: After 100 days. 
Commission: 20% of 7-floor investment (F1 is 10% ; F2 is 5% ). 
Show trading orders: Yes but must invest. 
Time of withdrawal: Money returned in 12 hours. 
Website: (Deadline until 2022 )

The interest package of Wel Capital

You will receive interest on all days of the week including holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
You can withdraw your interest at any time. Daily interest rates are prescribed in the following package:

  • $ 100 => 1.1% all days, including Saturday and Sunday.
  • $ 500 => 1.2% all days, including Saturday and Sunday.
  • 1,000 $ => 1.3% all days, including Saturday and Sunday.
  • 5,000 $ => 1.4% all days, including Saturday and Sunday.
  • $ 10,000 => 1.6% all days, including Saturday and Sunday.
  • $ 20,000 => 1.7% all days, including Saturday and Sunday.
  • $ 500.00 => 1.8% all days, including Saturday and Sunday.
  • 100,000 $ => 2% all days, including Saturday and Sunday.

At 0h00 European (General Time of all Europe) at 5:00 am in Vietnam time , Wel Capital will finalize your total investment and pay interest immediately for that day.

Multiply 3 Wel Capital accounts

The original return time at Wel Capital is after 100 days! After 100 days your original will be returned to the company in full so you can withdraw or reinvest.

So, you invest $ 100,000, after 100 days you have received a total of $ 200,000 in interest, plus received $ 100,000 in principal. The total received is $ 300,000 equivalent to 300% of the initial capital.

System development at Wel Capital

You get 20% of the load of 7 floors, 10% on the first floor, this is a very attractive number.

Receive 10% of total investment of the first floor. 
Receive 5% of the total investment of the 2nd floor. 
Receive 2% of total investment of the 3rd floor. 
Receive 1% of total investment of 4th floor. 
Receive 1% of total investment of 5th floor. 
Receive 0.5% of total investment of 6th floor. 
Receive 0.5% of the total investment of 7th floor.

Why should investors Wel Capital?

3 reasons to invest Wel Capital:

Wel Capital trades Forex to pay members interest : A huge question when participating in any project is " Where do they get money to pay members? ", Or if they say that they invest in a profit, the question is" What evidence does they invest in? ". For Wel Capital, they traded Forex with interest, and Wel Capital experts made all the orders open (Only for investors) to let us know where the money came from.

Wel Capital pays daily interest including Saturday and Sunday : If other projects you see them pay interest from Monday to Friday, then Wel Capital pays fixed interest to 2% all days of the week. When we look at Wel Capital's trading orders, we understand that every day they trade 3 % - 5% profit , so paying us 2% fixed is still very profitable.

Wel Capital pays system commissions up to 20% : Wel Capital does not have as many complex commission methods as other projects, instead they simplify to have only one form of refferal. Moreover, Wel Capital pays up to 20% of the total investment of 7 floors. Specifically, we receive 10% of F1 investment; receive 5% of F2 investment; ...

Wel Capital Investment Guide

  • Step 1: Register for Wel Capital: HERE

  • Step 2: Select investment and investment package

Some functions at Wel Capital

The overview page

At the total page via you can see: 
- My refer ref link 
- Transaction history (help RCB) 
- List of investment packages 
- Total investment 

Contact Wel Capital

You can easily contact Wel Capital in Vietnamese by sending a support ticket. Time to answer tickets for Wel Capital is up to 48 hours. 
You go to Support => New Ticket => Select Language.

Note: HYIP investment always has many potential risks. Need to consider carefully before investing.


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