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The forex market developed constantly, with many trading floors to meet the demand from traders. However, every trading floor operating on the market has its own advantages and disadvantages, traders need to learn thoroughly to choose a platform that best suits themselves.

And among the emerging exchanges, it is impossible not to mention NordFX - one of the brokers that is always among the most trusted investors worldwide. Is NordFX really reputable? Please join us in the following article.

NordFX is an international trading platform of NFX Capital Vu Inc founded in 2008, headquartered at VANUATU.

The company is managed by the European Financial Market Orientation Organization (MiFID) and is authorized to provide investment services throughout the European Union so it is not difficult to understand why Nordfx still stands firm and port day more and more confirm the prestige and professional working attitude of this broker.

Nord FX is also under the supervision and management of VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission).

Advantages of NordFX floor

Many years of experience in the financial market

Founded in 2008, in 10 years of operation on the financial market NordFX - ECN / STP trading floor has provided services to customers in 100 different countries and millions of registered accounts.

Thanks to that, the company has received many different awards during the operation such as:

  • In 2016, NordFX was honored to be the unit receiving the title of Prestigious Broker of the Year.


  • Always in the top 10 or top 20 brokers receive high trust and trust from investors around the world.

  • In 2017, foreign exchange broker NordFX officially received the title of Best Broker with the Electronic Money Trading reputation awarded by the World Trade Association organization.

Along with more than 30 other small and big awards in the field of e-commerce, enhance the reputation and reputation of NordFX Forex Trading Broker. With achievements and honors, spectacular victories and many prestigious e-commerce awards help NordFX gradually assert its position and prestige in the market.

NordFX floor has a low spread fee

Most spread rates on NordFX floor are quite pleasant ranging from 0 to 1 pip for each different account type. This will help you easily increase the amount of transactions and make a better profit.

Big leverage & many Crypto pairs

In addition to the 37 currency pairs in the foreign exchange, metal or stock index markets, NordFX also offers many different crypto trading pairs for you to trade, not just a few basic pairs like other exchanges. Typical of these include BTC / USD, ETH / USD, DSH / USD, BCH / USD, XRP / USD, ZEC / USD, BTG / USD, EOS / USD, ETC / USD, NEO / USD, LTC / USD…

This is very useful for traders. Because the forex trading floor only works from Monday to Friday, with a number of rich crypto pairs like this, you can completely trade two weekends to increase your income. In particular, the crypto transaction fee is also quite comfortable at about 1 pip, so this can be considered one of the great advantages of NordFX which is suitable for anyone who wants to trade both forex and crypto.

Previously, Nordfx provided 7 different types of trading accounts. However, NordFX currently only provides 4 types of trading accounts with large leverage up to 1: 1000. Although there are not many options, the 4 types of trading accounts offered by NordFX are suitable to the needs and trading strategies of different traders.

Low transaction fee

Instead of having to spend a large initial cost to make the foreign exchange transactions done, trusting Nordfx helps customers reduce costs significantly. However, looking to the Nordfx floor each investor only needs to spend the purchase and sale costs ranging from 0.2 - 2 pips to start his own trading process. Reduce costs, increase profits to protect customers' interests more easily.

Advanced trading platform

In addition to MT4, Nord FX platform also provides many other advanced platforms:

  • MetaTrader 5
  • Iphone / Ipad
  • Android
  • MutiTerminal

Simple withdrawal and no transaction fee

If on other exchanges you can only charge and withdraw through some tools such as bank, visa ... then at NordFX you can load via help2pay or Paytrust88 payment gateway, after recharge, the system will automatically link Your account with the bank and transfer money to your account very quickly takes only 3-5 minutes.

RAMM account

This is a very interesting account for investors, especially for new traders. The RAMM account provides a way to copy orders by professional traders, which means that if the trader is in any currency pair, your account will trade in that currency pair. This will help investors to have stable profits and avoid losses or account fires without trading experience.

You only need to create an account, then see the list of traders who trade well, have a stable and safe profit rate then copy their orders. If they win, you win because you are copying all their orders.

Simple user interface, easy to use

If you go to NordFX's home page at you will find the information arranged neatly and simply. Unnecessary information will be dropped so that users are not immersed in an information pool like some websites of other companies. The menu bar on the left side of the website contains all the items that customers are interested in: Types of accounts, partner programs, investment products / RAMM, weekly transaction analysis items as well as basic information. about NordFX broker as certificates, licenses

Make money with Nord FX

With level 2 commission up to 10% and 60% difference fee. Along with many other attractive incentives, Nord FX's partnership becomes a chance to earn a lot of money.


With 10 years of operation in the financial market, Nordfx has remained stable despite the many new trading floors. This proves the level of credibility and stability of Nordfx and you can safely choose Nord as one of the trading platforms for you. Good luck.


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