Paying Hot InstaFxCopy investment guide from A - Z

Copy transaction is considered as a form of Forex trading, Electronic money, CFD stocks, CFD commodities according to the outstanding trends in the 21st century. The method of automatically copying transactions from trading experts (by me) option), allowing us to participate in the market even without much time and experience.

This project, according to us, is likely to go from 1 to 2 years if they follow the roadmap they have outlined. Because InstaFxCopy is not merely a HYIP project, but I think they have real work and experts also do real daily transactions.

InstaFxCopy is a new and improved trading platform open to all traders around the world. With InstaFxCopy, all you need to do is: open an account, send money, invest and choose experts to copy transactions. The process will be done automatically on our system. In other words, when you copy trades from a specialist, you will win or lose based on the results of the Transactions Specialists you copied.

How does InstaFxCopy work?
InstaFxcopy establishes a smart system, where traders at the global level can connect to create a large network and share their experiences. This will bring benefits to each investor with high profitability.

What is InstaFxCopy

InstaFxCopy company information
Company Name: InstaFxCopy Co., Ltd
Establishment: January 2019
Registration license: SC618393
Type: Company Limited
Address: Wilmar Cottage Road, Auchtertool, Kirkcaldy KY2 5XW, Scotland, United Kingdom
- Financial services activities
- Investment trust activities
- Financial intermediation
- Fund management activities
Services: InstaFxCopy provides a web platform to help users copy trading orders from experts, helping to maximize investment returns.
Trading tools: Electronic money, foreign exchange, CFD shares, CFD goods

How does InstaFxCopy make a profit?
InstaFxCopy provides a web platform to help users copy trading orders from experts, using the Copy transaction technique on markets:

  • Electronic money
  • Forex
  • CFD shares
  • CFD goods

InstaFxcopy is active on the field

  • Financial services activities
  • Investment trust activities
  • financial intermediation
  • Fund management activities

So the profit of InstaFxCopy comes from many sources based on the fields that the company participates such as financial services, investment trusts, financial intermediaries, fund managers. The above areas give the company a huge profit stream. Particularly, the source of profits from InstaFxcopy's transaction copying platform.

Profit distribution ratio of InstaFxCopy

  • 70% of profits belong to investors
  • 10% of profits belong to trading experts
  • 20% is transferred to the risk insurance and operation fund. To insure 50-90% for loss trading results.

From that point on, we can see that the financial potential as well as the profit stream of the company is huge and one more important thing is that the company always wants us to win. Because we win, the company has money. 20% of profit is an extremely big source of income and with this platform of copying transactions, InstaFxCopy participating community will reach millions of people around the world. This is the reason that I cooperate with InstaFxcopy.

Make money with InstaFxCopy
With InstaFxCopy you will receive many different types of roses.

In case the Investor only registers an account without investing, you will not receive Affiliate commissions. When F1 investor continues to invite other investors to participate, you still receive commission from investor F2.

There is no limit to your income earned from the Affiliate program. It all depends on the ability to invite others to participate in the project.

"Maximum Affiliate commissions / day = Your total investment"

InstaFxCopy investment package
Note: Here we will invest in the form of copying trading orders of experts. So not every day we win.

Withdrawal of principal at any time: 29% fee (29% is their expense for 10 referral levels, insurance and advertising fees).

When the interest is 90%, the withdrawal will be free.

Investment packages:

  • ADVANCED: Invest from $ 250. This is an investment package for you to copy the orders of electronic money trading experts. This package has a profit target of 2% daily.
  • ELITE: Invest from $ 1,000. This is an investment package for you to copy orders of forex traders. This package has a profit target of 3% daily.
  • EXTREME: Invest from $ 3,000. This is an investment package for you to copy orders of CFD stock traders. This package has a profit target of 4% daily.
  • SUPREME: Invest from $ 5,000. This is an investment package for you to copy orders of CFD trading specialists. This package has a profit target of 4% daily.

100% risk insurance for investors who join over 20k $

Instructions for registering InstaFxCopy
Step 1: Register InstaFxCopy
Step 2: Fill in the registration information
Step 3: Confirm by email

After signing up for an account, you go to the email to confirm your account!

Step 4: Install 2FA

Go to Account Setting -> Security
Download the Google authenticator app
Scan a QR code or enter a key sequence (Save the QR or Key code)
Enter the 6-digit code -> area "I have read" -> Submit
Step 5: Confirm your ID card

Go to Account Setting -> Verification
Enter ID card ID, upload photo ID card, upload sefie photo with ID card
Click "Send". Wait 1-2 days to verify
InstaFxCopy investment guide

Deposit InstaFxCopy

Step 1: Select Financial- Deposit
Step 2: Choose payment method: Currently there are BTC and ETH
Step 3: Select the amount to deposit, then transfer ETH or BTC number to the account's wallet

You need to transfer the exact amount (including odd numbers) into the wallet shown on the screen!

Choose investment package and copy expert

Step 1: Investment-> There are 4 investment packages (Here I choose Advanced)
Step 2: Enter the amount you invested and click "Invest" to complete
Step 3: The right column has experts, click on "Copy" to copy the expert.

To see the details of any expert parameters, click "View".

Transfer USD internally in InstaFxCopy

Switch from Profit, Commission to Balance
Step 1: Go to Financial- Transfer
Step 2: Select Available Balance - Select the item to switch "Source" - Enter the amount - Enter the code 6 c / s
Step 3: "Send"
Transfer $ to another account

Step 1: Go to Financial- Transfer
Step 2: Select Another user- Enter recipient ID / Email - Enter amount - Enter code 6 c / s
Step 3: "Send"
Instructions for withdrawing InstaFxCopy

InstaFxCopy instructions for withdrawing money

To withdraw InstaFxCopy, you go to Financial => Withdraw => select the wallet you want to withdraw (as here I choose ETH) => Next.

Step 1: Choose wallet to withdraw

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to withdraw
Step 3: Payment gateway (selected in the previous section).
Step 4: Enter the money receiving address (withdraw to any wallet, enter the wallet address of that type).
Step 5: Enter 2FA
Step 6: Send

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 25
Withdrawal orders will be processed within 24 hours.
Required to install 2FA & verify the account to withdraw InstaFxCopy

InstaFxCopy reinvestment

If you want to increase your investment package with your own profit, do the following:

Step 1: Transfer the profit to Balance as described in section 4
Step 2: Select Investment - The package you are investing - Enter the amount to invest (min 1 $) -
Invest to complete (same as how you invest in section 3)
Note: Choose the right package you invested to reinvest the package

Hope this article helped you understand what InstaFxCopy is? And make a decision whether to register and invest InstaFxCopy or not?

If you have any questions, please comment below! We will try to answer immediately.

Note: HYIP investment always has many potential risks. Need to consider carefully before investing.


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