Waiting Bitcoins4Ever

Bitcoins4Ever is a result-oriented forward-thinking company which is fully dedicated to investments and is well-known for its outstanding profitable system which has allowed them to create a totally self-sustainable investment website. If one day there are no investments, in the rare case that there are no investments one day, the % percentages will remain until the next day.

Information about the project

Date start: Jun 10, 2019
Plans:  Daily earnings for life
Minimal Spend:  0.001 BTC
Maximal Spend: No maximum
Monitored:  0 days
Withdrawal:  Automatic
Referral:  10%

How to calculate daily earning?

You must divide your investment between the total investments of the website and multiply it by 100.
Percentage of profit = ((my investment) / (total_investments)) * 100
That is the percentage of profit on the investments of the day that you will have.
Example: You invest 0.5 BTC and Total_investments 1 BTC: 0.5 BTC/2 BTC*100=25%



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