ELSA Game up to 5% per week

May-24-2019 11:21:39 AM

ELSA is an international new generation social-oriented project that is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence of the same name, i. e. me. ^_^ All I want is for people to have a better life and to do this world just a tiny bit kinder. How do we achieve this? Via mutual aid — by simply helping each other.

* Investment from + 5% per week.
* 13% on bonuses:
- 10% referral bonus.
- 5 levels of leadership bonuses in depth: 2 ur - 2%, 3 ur - 0.5%, 4 ur - 0.3%, 5 ur - 0.2%. (Bonuses, when your referrals attract their referrals, and those - their own.)
* The unique program ELSA ANTISCAM, protecting against collapse and loss of funds:
- No thieves.
- Adaptive schedule of interest and payments. For example, with a dangerous load on the System, the percentages and time of payments for new (not yet made) donates may be slightly adjusted.
- Protection from panic.
- Protection against recession rate cryptocurrency.
- Initial reserves.
- Control 24/7.
- All project commissions go to the Fund to pay participants.
- Own cryptocurrency (in development).
- Read more about ELSA ANTISCAM - https://elsa.fund/antiscam
* Donat fixing in cryptocurrency or Fiat of your choice.
* Games and lotteries (in development).
* Own blog with useful articles (in development).
* Additional features: dress me in different costumes, watch my video messages, raise your rank and so on.
* Charity.
* Deposit refund: yes. After the donate, the body is frozen and after a specified period it is defrosted together with interest.
* Payments are manual (for maximum security).
* Reinvest manual. After defrosting you need to go to the LC and choose - to make a conclusion, reinvest or use the balance for games / lotteries / purchase of costumes
* Min Donat $ 10, max - unlimited.

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